Getting Started

When you want to read a webcomic, serial story, or other serialized work online, Comic Rocket can help. Just find what you want in our list, and click "Read". (If you don't see the content you want to read, you can add it.)

Reading your favorite stories with Comic Rocket is pretty easy. At the top right of the browser window there are several items. To the far right past the social media icons (more later) you will see a left arrow, a progress bar, and a right arrow. To move forward in the content you click on the right arrow. To move back a page you click on the left arrow. The progress bar shows how much of the current story you've read so far.

On the progress bar, you may see two kinds of bookmarks: solid and transparent. The solid bookmark indicates exactly where you last left off reading in the comic. If you click on it you will be taken to that page. The transparent bookmark is your current progress in the title. If you click on that it makes the current page become your bookmarked page. Be careful though because at the moment you cannot undo that change. It's a feature though because it allows you to skip around in content with large archives like Doonesbury.

When you come back again, just visit your comics page, and we'll give you a list of everything you've read, ready to pick up where you left off.

Joining Comic Rocket

To get the most out of Comic Rocket, you'll need an account. If you don't have an account yet, join us! It's quick: You just need to choose a username and password. Your email address is optional. If you opt-in it lets us update you on changes to the site as well as new pages in your bookmarked comics or even recommend similar titles to you.

How can I find comics I might want to read?

We help you find stuff you might like several ways:

Once you've found a comic to read, you can start tracking it with Comic Rocket by following the instructions under "Getting Started", above.

I already read a bunch of comics. How do I use Comic Rocket to track them?

You can always add content individually as outlined above, but if you read a lot of stuff you might prefer to use our import tool.

We can import marks from any HTML file, including bookmarks exported as HTML from any browser or bookmarking service. If you have a specific page of a serial bookmarked, we will set a mark in the serial at that point; otherwise, we'll guess which serial you wanted and offer to set a mark at the beginning or end. If you have bookmarks in serials we don't know about, we'll offer to help you add them.

Information for Content Creators and hosting services

How Comic Rocket works—the short version

On each page, Comic Rocket tries to find a link which will take it to the next page in the content. Comic Rocket can find this link in several ways:

I want to add my site to Comic Rocket

Great! Please join us and then follow our instructions for adding a comic.

I want to add all the sites I host to Comic Rocket

Awesome! Please contact us and we can discuss how to do that.

What can I do if my comic isn't crawled correctly? And what does that mean?

We're very proud of Comic Rocket, but it isn't perfect. Our site regularly checks yours for updates, but if we can't automatically find your links between comic pages, then people won't be able to read your comic with Comic Rocket.

We have some tips on editing our description of a comic. However, as a creator you can also add some information to your site to make it easier for us to find all of the pages of your serial. Either of the following will let us find all of the pages:

Note that we can't find links in Flash or JavaScript-generated pages. You should be aware that you are limiting your readership if you require Flash or JavaScript, anyway.

We continue to find new heuristics that help Comic Rocket automatically understand the structure of more content. If you have any suggestions, or want help, please contact us.

Does Comic Rocket copy my content?

Nope! We provide links to your content, and we help your readers keep coming back to your site right where they left off.

Does Comic Rocket link to or embed my images?

Nope! We never link to or reference your images or other media directly; we only link to the pages of your serial.

How do I offer Comic Rocket to my readers? (And why would I want to?)

Comic Rocket can help your readers keep track of your comics more easily. Comic Rocket will remember where they left off so they can continue later, and will tell them when you post a new page.

If this sounds like something your readers might want, and you'd like to integrate Comic Rocket with your site, please contact us.

I have more questions or concerns...

Please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Privacy and security

Do you share information about me?

We are committed to preserving your privacy. We do not share any information about you individually. We may use aggregate, non-personally-identifiable information about our users for various purposes, such as providing comic recommendations; in the process of doing so, we may share that information with other services. We may also allow you to share information about yourself through our site, at your option.

If you supply us with an email address we will never make that address available to anyone outside of the company except where required by law. We will only use that email address to contact you if you opt-in for communication.

If you would like more details on the steps we take to preserve your privacy, or you have specific concerns, please contact us.

How do I know you won't lose all my marks or other information?

We do hourly encrypted backups of our entire database to several physical locations, on two continents.

If you want, you can also back up your own bookmarks using our export tool.

Do you use cookies?

We use cookies to remember that you've logged into Comic Rocket.

If you want delicious delicacies, we like these:

About Comic Rocket

Who are we?

Originally the team was Josh Triplett and Jamey Sharp, a couple of computer geeks who still work on crazy projects together.

The team now consists of:

And a stuffed squirrel.

Why did we create Comic Rocket?

We like to read comics and stories online, but we had trouble keeping track of all of them. And you know how computer geeks love to solve problems...


Comic Rocket builds on a handful of other awesome things:

If I want to send you a suitcase full of unmarked bills, where should I send it?

Drop us a line and we can work something out. :-) (Or better still you can always donate to Comic Rocket!)