Editing Indexes

How to add a comic

Often, Comic Rocket will already know about the stuff you want to read and keep track of. Please check the "Explore" list to see if the comic you want is already listed. Or you can search for it by name.

If you want to track a serial we don't know about, you can add that comic to Comic Rocket and we will start tracking it right away. You can find that form by following the "Add a Comic" link on any page.

Usually, we just need to know the name of the content and the web address of the first two pages of the comic. From that info, we can usually find all of it pages and track when new pages show up.

Occasionally we'll need a bit more information to find the right list of pages. Read on for details.

What to do if you find content that isn't working, or in the wrong order, etc.?

If Comic Rocket finds some of the pages of the comic, but then stops before the end, we probably can't find the correct link to the next page.

And if we couldn't find the correct next page, you might have trouble finding it too. For instance, the "next" link might not work, or might lead to the wrong page. You might have to go to the archive page for that comic and find the next page that way.

Comic Rocket will not normally follow links which lead off of the domain it started on. If the pages of the serial live on two different domain names, you'll need to ask us to make an exception.

Sometimes Comic Rocket will display pages that aren't comics, such as blog pages. Often that is because of the site's construction. However, if you let us know, sometimes we can fix it.

There are a couple of common causes for Comic Rocket to be unable to index a serial:

Of course, you may have simply found a comic that we just can't handle yet. Please let us know, especially if you have any suggestions on how we can do better.