Alternative navigation: Bookmarklets

If our usual Comic Rocket navigation frame doesn't meet your needs, you may be able to use our bookmarklets instead. First, you'll need to change your settings and choose "Turn frames off". (If you want to go back to our standard reader interface, return to your settings and choose "Turn frames on".)

With frames disabled, you can navigate through comics using our bookmarklets. Normally, you'll just hit the "Next" bookmarklet, which will take you to the next page of the content. Comic Rocket will remember the last page you read.

Add this link to your bookmarks: Next

It's most convenient to add the Comic Rocket bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark toolbar. You can usually do that by dragging the link to your bookmark toolbar. If you don't see your bookmarks toolbar or you need other help, please see your browser's documentation. For your convenience, we've provided links to documentation for several common browsers below.

Some people prefer to put the Comic Rocket bookmarklet into their bookmarks list. In this case, to advance your Comic Rocket mark, you'll need to go to your Comic Rocket next bookmark.

Some people come up with their own creative ways to use Comic Rocket. If you think of a really good one, please let us know.

Advanced bookmarklets

For every comic you want to read, Comic Rocket can mark your place in that serial. Comic Rocket can also help you navigate the pages in any serial, taking you from your current page to the next, previous, first, or most recent page.

To use Comic Rocket to navigate a serial and to mark your place, we provide bookmarklets that you can add to your web browser. For most common web browsers, you can just drag these links to your bookmark toolbar, or right-click on them and choose to add a bookmark. Once you've added them, simply click them while on any page of the serial.

You don't need to use all of these bookmarklets. You only need two of them to take advantage of Comic Rocket. The first will take you to the next page of the content, and mark your place at that new page. The second will take you back to your mark from any page of the serial.

If you would prefer to read through a comic without automatically moving your mark, you can use the following bookmarklets instead:

There are a few other places Comic Rocket can take you:

We also offer a bookmarklet for adding content we don't already track.

  1. Go to the first page of the comic.

  2. Use this bookmarklet to register a new comic:

  3. Click the link to the next page, which will instead take you to the "Editing New Serial" form at Comic Rocket.

  4. Adjust the Serial name (filled in from the first page's title) to taste.

  5. Click Save.