Archive Binge Custom RSS Feeds


Archive Binge is a Comic Rocket feature that lets you digest a whole bunch of pages of longer webcomics at rate you set for yourself. It's for those times when you look at an interesting webcomic and realize that you don't have time to consume 800+ pages of something like Darths & Droids in a single sitting--let alone the almost three years it would take at a strip a day!

Once you've created the RSS feed for a particular comic, it will take you through the archive at a rate faster than the new comics update. You can quickly get up to date on comics with large archives without spending hours or days trying to read the archive in one go. You can start from the beginning, or wherever you've read up to. You can set your feed to deliver a strip each day, a few strips every weekday, or whatever rate you want, up to 10 strips a day. If you happen to read the next 50 strips, you just update your position in the feed and it will continue to drip the strips to you. You can even pause your feed if you want and turn it back on again at your leisure.

To create a feed, find the Info Page for the comic you want. In the right sidebar, under the heading Archive Binge Feed, there's a Create button. Click it. Once you do it's replaced with three buttons: RSS, Edit, and Delete. The RSS link gives you the code to add to your feed reader. Of course, the details for how you do that depend on your feed reader. The Edit button lets you set which days of the week you want the feed to update on, and how many pages you want to read each day. And of course the Delete button allows you to delete that particular feed if you don't want it anymore.

To see a list of the feeds you've set up just click on the settings icon on the toolbar (the gear in the upper right) or go directly to your settings here. Once there just click on View Feeds. It'll display the list of your feeds each with buttons to grab the RSS code, Edit the feed, or Delete it. If you don't have any feeds it'll tell you that too.

Archive Binge was originally created by David Morgan-Mar, who launched it in late 2009. He passed it on to Comic Rocket as of November 2012. We'd like to encourage you to thank him for the work he put into Archive Binge by reading David's webcomics. You can, of course, catch up on them with Archive Binge!