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Updated: 2023-05-09

The Jennifer Attic Unassuming-Yet-Ridiculously-Well-Funded Private School for Burgeoning Scientific Minds is proudly hosting its first annual Senior Genetics Competition, where the 12th-grade students majoring in Genetics create a unique project and compete for the grand prize: A fully-paid scholarship to the university of their choice.

Cass “Don’t Call Me Cashmere” Calloway is one student competing for the prize. She is dead-set on proving to herself more than anyone that she is capable of unprecedented scientific feats. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one. A slew of bizarre mutations and insane inventions stand in her way, least of which is the fact that she’s been turned halfway into a goat!

As mutation stacks upon mutation and lives are turned upside down, Cass, her squirrely brother Flint, her salamander boyfriend Noah, and her repentant rival Morty struggle to stay one step ahead of the urgent transformation crises befalling their town.

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