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Updated: 2023-11-18

Zebra Girl is a monochromatic urban fantasy, started in the halcyon year 2000 by Joe England and updated with mild consistency ever since. If you're new here, I'd advise starting at the beginning and reading the entire archive. I say this because I am the author, and I want you to. And since this comic was founded back at the dawn of the millennium, there are a lot of details you might want to peruse. But if you don't mind a few spoilers and you're just looking to get the gist of what's going on so that you can hop on board right away, then this is where that gist can be gotten. You can do the archives later.

Sandra Eastlake was a relatively normal young woman until the day her housemates, Jack and Crystal Clarity, came across a strange book in the attic of their home. Dark powers were meddled with, and before you can say "monkeys fire burgers into the mouths of hungry babies with all the skill of strange creatures hailing from whole galaxies made of grease" an accident occurred which changed their lives forever.

Now Sandra is a demonic creature, an exotic monstrosity forced to withdraw from the comfortable light of human society. In the shadows she finds many strange adventures, and strange company to boot. Her level of enthusiasm is generally less than satisfied.

But change is irresistible. While Sandra is on a journey to reconcile humanity and monstrosity, Jack finds himself walking the road of the wizard. Crystal just wants everyone to be okay.

Sam is a rabbit. Wally's something else.

New friends and enemies continue to work their way into Sandra's life, and every one of them is trying to find their place in a world where the standards of reality are blurring from a set pattern of black and white to an unearthly and wondrous spectrum of gray.

Content rating:
Some Adult Material (R)