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Updated: 2024-04-22

Why is it every time a story has an adorable talking animal it’s made just for kids? I sent out to fix this with a comic about a supposed dinosaur named Kyra who, while being cute and friendly, is also violent by nature and unmoved by how dark this world is. What is she and where did she come from? Maybe we’ll learn more about her someday, but for now she’s just trying to figure US out. Humans do some interesting things!

Originally this comic was updated in full chapters every other week, but it wasn’t working as well as I wanted. Now a new page comes out three times a week. The art is done by hand on paper and colored on the computer. The main character is Kyra who, after getting bored from wherever she was, mails herself to an artist named Paul. He’s a loser who doesn’t get out much. Now watch as they get into over-exaggerated trouble. This story does actually have a set length with an overarching story to it. It’s just a long one that takes place over a short amount of time so far.

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