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Updated: 2021-03-24

A lone agent must transmit data into enemy territory, fight an army, rescue a damsel in distress and save the world. Published in Outbound, a science fiction anthology by the Boston Comics Roundtable

This story is loosely based on “Soaked“, my unfinished 24-hour comic of 2007. I really wanted to work on a comic for Spring of 2008, and started adding the missing lettering to “Soaked”. Since this is an unethical violation of the 24-Hour Comics, I decided to create an entirely new story based on “Soaked”.

The new script was researched and developed from March to October 2008. I tried expressing the irrational dreamscape qualtiy of “Soaked” with just enough realism to make it coherent. To that end, I needed a greater understanding of computing. Research started off as an unfocused time drain, but was ultimately saved by nearby MIT geeks eager to provide some much-needed direction. The plot, actions and even the new title are a direct result of their input.

Working in parallel with script development, I made the art from April 2008 to January 2009. Visual research included technology, war zones, weapons, military uniforms, software and more. Each page was created one at a time, digitally “pencilled” tightly as if someone else were inking it. I “inked” each page as if it came from another artist. With new research and script revisions, and working around my full time day job, each page took at least 2 weeks to draw.

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