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Updated: 2023-12-16

Charlie Everett is much like any other Charlie, the everyman. In most universes, Charlie Everett gets sick of his life (where he’s most often a guidance counselor who tells other people how to live their lives, while not knowing how to live his own). After a certain point, he’s fired, and he goes home and sticks a pistol in his mouth and blows his brains out. The comic tells the story of a particular Charlie, Charlie Prime, our hero. When he goes to commit suicide, he is stopped by another character, Leo, who introduces Charlie Prime to the concept of the multiverse, and tells him that there’s a whole team of Charlies calling themselves Cura Te Ipsum (latin for “Physician, Heal Thyself!”) fighting to stop him from committing suicide across time and space.

Content rating:
Some Adult Material (R)
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