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Updated: 2014-05-02

We don't know what pages are in this serial yet, so we can't help you read it.

Space Pyrates is the story of two guys that probably want it all but most likely can’ t be bothered. This story chronicles their story as they do stuff from day to day. Set in the post apocalyptic future of a bustling sci-fi city that also includes space travel and aliens. And pirates, in space. And also some other crazy crap that we haven’ t written yet. Our two non-heroes have a future that will be difficult, and possibly uneventful, but maybe exciting! ‘ Cause, hey, it’ s the future!

But seriously, Space Pyrates parodies (specifically) cartoons as well as pop-culture of modern and recent history as well as anything that can be made fun of. Often borrowing and satirising while remaining intelligent it challenges the reader to question ‘why?’

As in, why are you reading this and not the actual comic? Seriously, come on.

But, if you’re still here… It’s part Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim, Venture Bros, Invader Zim. Part Nickelodeon, part Adult Swim, part Hanna Barbera. Part Star Wars, part Star Trek, part Firefly, part Cowboy Bebop. A lot of the time it won’t make sense, in fact we’re counting on it. If you don’t understand it go back to page one and start again!

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