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Updated: 2023-09-26

Voice actor Kaji Katsuki is unemployable, and CRUSH! studios is his last option. But there's a problem: CRUSH! specializes in producing erotic gay audio dramas (actually, that's all they produce), and mostly employs a cast of eccentric weirdos. Kaji's new recording partner, a charming dork who goes only by KoiZ, is convinced that Kaji is perfect. Kaji is convinced that he's an ass. But one night that ends with Kaji drunk and in a rabbit suit may just change his mind.

Meanwhile, the neighboring restaurant of Flavor draws together many people and happenings with its intrigue. It's residents are an eccentric family of brothers, including the many-layered twins Hiroki and Masuji, who search to find their place - in the past, and in the new world of the present.

CRUSH!'s lovable characters, dialogue, and healthy dose of romantic drama will keep you addicted for pages to come. A dramatic comedy about workplace romance and fine dining, rivals and trust... flying bananas and Erotic Vocal Entertainment.