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Updated: 2022-06-10

Lyle’s secret affection towards his twin sister’s boyfriend, Kaden, is near the point of no return. The years of suppression and unrewarded sacrifices eventually molded him into a vulnerable man of conflictions. Just as when he thought all hope was lost, however, an opportunity to get much closer to Kaden during his sister’s absence turns up. For Lyle, any such opportunity is gold, even if it means losing his own identity. After all, it is a sin he can enjoy only until her return. But when she does, what would truly become of Lyle? At the end of it all, who does Lyle really need, his beloved sister or his forbidden lover?

"Not Yours, Am I?" is an original Yaoi / BL practice comic by Cinnamon Rub/Scottwm.

It was first published online in September 2009. A revamped version of the first 5 chapters was compiled in one volume and was published in print in April 2014.