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Updated: unknown

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Guzbourine is a multiverse taking place in different ages and scenarios with a common denominator: the two main characters.

Teal Sail: An Hindu-origin pirate meets a Chinese merman in Guangdong during the Chinese piracy golden era in 1781. Everything could be just a topic, but they're all but common people!

What would a pirate do if a dark legend spread throughout the port, about a creature that rip off faces and eat souls with its beauty and soft voice, reached his ears while he’s carrying more wine than blood in his veins? Go and check it out by himself, of course. But what could’ve ended in disaster turns into a cultural exchange between a curious corsair and even more curious merman, in equal parts puzzled and fascinated with each other. The beginning of a close friendship as unlikely as dangerous for both of them, on a stage full off hungry pirates, abyssal creatures, vengeful crabs and mysterious magic throughout the South China Sea where they’ll forced to save each other’s bacon.