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Updated: 2019-03-14

A runaway supersoldier winds up serving as a bodyguard to a bard who loves telling stories but doesn’t believe in any of them. Together with a pyromaniac pilot, they go on poorly planned adventures!
Meanwhile, a weirdo who talks to trees is sidetracked from his Mysterious Quest when he meets a kid with strange powers and decides to protect him from the people who want to use him as a living weapon.
But a lot of suspicious people are up to no good, and nothing is quite what it seems….

From the Machine is a somewhat steampunkish fantasy-adventure comic. It contains some language and violence/gore, and is not recommended for very young readers (the equivalent of a ‘PG-13’ rating).

Pages are drawn in sketchbooks, inked with a brush-pen, and toned with copic sketch markers. (Sometimes I add a few digital effects as well, but all the important elements are done traditionally.)