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Updated: 2015-12-30

As an endless and incomprehensible war rages in Lebanon, the land's ancestral guardians, the Cedars, admit the old ways are defeated by the scale of the conflict. To save the land, they send a guardian in the people's own likeness – a child who quickly grows into a young woman with a double challenge: to come into her own powers, and find out what she is supposed to do about this war. A war that seems to not be the work of humans alone...
In a nutshell, it is the story of Lebanon's Superhero(ine). But it's a uniquely Lebanese superhero comic, quite different from anything you might expect. A good deal of mythology and ancient history are infused into it. I can't say more right now so as not to spoil your reading experience. It was begun in 2006, right after the July war, and is still our only full-length adventure series.

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