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Updated: 2014-02-05

We don't know what pages are in this serial yet, so we can't help you read it.

Dream Life is a new graphic novel in the works by Salgood Sam.
2011 Nomine for Outstanding Canadian Webcomic Creator @ the Joe Shuster Awards.
2005 Nomine for Emerging Talent @ the Doug Wright Awards.
Recipient of established artists grants from the Canadian Council for the Arts.

“Dream Life is one of those weird comics … It’s more like an orchestral piece, only you allow the artwork, rather than the music, to buffet you through the emotional highs and lows of each movement.”

[link] - Larry Cruz - One Punch Reviews – 4 out of 5


Charlie’s childhood friend is about to die.
Hitch hiking in BC PJ’s luck runs out.
Lionel is in existential crisis.
Leslie is a therapist and part time drug dealer.
It’s just occurring to her she hates her job.
Dan’s daughter thinks he needs to grow up.


The story of five friends.
Dreams, drugs, & denial
all failing to weather
the arc of life unscathed.
Each coming to terms with lives peter panned,
and in danger of going off the rails.

File under: Contemporary Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Surreal, Black Comedy, Caper, Art Comix, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Coming-of-age.

© 2010 Salgood Sam