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Updated: 2017-01-05

An explanation of how the now-fallen Principality of Music, formerly an angel of some repute, was given an opportunity to provide inspiration for one working man desperately in need of a muse.

Other angels, fallen and not, are further compatriots, such as Devoto's surprisingly sympathetic boss and the armadillo aficionado commonly known as Sloth. Though the divines are great, and in some cases terrible, each is coming to appreciate the value of a uniquely human connection. (Gag, right? The important thing is that Guys Make Out. Guaranteed.)

Warnings for:
- Explicit gay content
- Blood/Gore (but not in sexual contexts)

SJ Note: I understand SJ policy, and thus it's worth noting that this comic does not and will not portray sexual situations with minors or individuals who appear to be minors. Furthermore, this comic will not portray non-consensual (or dubiously consensual) sex.

Content rating:
Adults Only (NC-17)