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Updated: 2014-10-02

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The Dawngate Chronicles tell of many peoples; proud and learned mountain queens in the brooding north, fey philosopher-kings in the deserts of the dreaming south, pragmatic and grasping merchant princes of the enlightened west, and the wise and revered elders that wander the vast and savage east.

From time immemorial, mortals have benefited from the intercession of Shapers. A priestly class of architects and artisans, Shapers communed with the inscrutable Spirits, appealing to them for the betterment of others. For only the eternal Spirits could manipulate Vitalities, the energies and passions that drive mortal existence. Hope, Progress, and Growth are positive Vitalities; Rage, Sloth, and Decay are negative ones.

Eidolus, a man of the west, is thought to be the most talented Shaper since the Age of Majesty.

The Dawngate Chronicles opened in April 2014, and convey the unfolding lore of the computer game Dawngate.

Dawngate and The Dawngate Chronicles are productions of Waystone Games.

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