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Updated: 2015-01-19

“Grow up!”
That´s what the comic artist, Daniela, was always told.
Society, her family and friends were not very pleased with the path she chose for her life – especially when success is missing.
But no matter how much the world tries to kill Danielas inner child, it just doesn´t die and prevent Daniela from growing up and realise the serious side of life.
It´s not just fun, but it also causes problems. How can you manage the everyday life as a yound adult, when the inner child is so loud and abnoxious?
Saving money or spending it on a new green wig?
Rushing to catch the train, or walking carefully to avoid the cracks on the ground?
What stories are buzzing through the brain of the confused woman? Besides short segments from her life, Daniela also presents short- and not so short-comics, so there´s (probably) something there for everyone!
„Zombies and Fairytales“ is a collection of stories from the everyday life and other strange worlds from artist Daniela Winkler, who just CAN´T grow up.

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