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Updated: 2015-12-19

Hi! My name is Kelly Aarons. I’m a 24 year old 2D artist, animator, and sorta-kinda game designer stationed in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I’ve liked the Warcraft universe for a long time, but only after I finished full-time school taking Classical Animation, did I have enough time and funding to actually play.

I must say, I’m loving it so far.

I’ve been an avid gamer since the third grade (I have my brother to thank for that), and have partaken (or are still partaking) in such things as Dungeons & Dragons, video games, animation, and all that other good geek stuff. =)

When I’m not drawing, or playing, or working, or…busy somehow, I like going to the gym, hanging out, cooking, and squeezing in some sleep whenever I can.

I MUST give a HUGE amount of credit to my former guild leader from ESBU, Prototype. Without him and his wicked command of the intertubes, World of Warcraft, Eh? would not exist. Thank you, Prototype! Also, a big thank you to Kissless for actually giving me the inspiration and material to even start this thing. Without you, there would be no Kissless, and, well, who else would Cadistra have wacky adventures with? No one, that’s who. Yup.

If you wanna stop by and say hi, Cadistra the tauren druid is currently now on Sentinals US. I have three other alts, but none are even at level 10 yet. =/

EDIT – I guess I now have four alts; I rolled a Death Knight. Haven’t even left the fortress yet…I hope to start leveling her up soon (YES, it is another tauren female…please and thank you).

EDIT EDIT – Finished the DK questline, and Surrma is out of the woods! Maybe she’ll make her way into the comic…? >;3


Both my friend and I own the concepts of Kissless and Cadistra, and that’s it. Everything else you see here on this site is the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment. I do not make any claims to any other characters, races, worlds, factions…nothing. They own it all…I just like making pretty pictures.

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