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Updated: 2024-02-20

Wondermark is created from 19th-Century woodcuts and engravings, scanned from my personal collection of old books and also from volumes in the Los Angeles Central Library. Most of the books are bound volumes of general-interest magazines such as Harper’s, Frank Leslie’s and Punch, but my collection also includes special-interest magazines such as Scientific American, Sears-Roebuck catalogs, storybooks, and primers.

I’m always interested in acquiring more source material, so if you find a moldy old book in your attic (from 1860-1895), and it’s full of old engravings, drop me a line!

Wondermark began in April 2003. It’s been in several papers over the years (most notably in the print edition of The Onion from 2006-2009) but these days is found mostly online or in collections from Dark Horse Books.

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