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Updated: 2020-02-19

With Fetus follows the lives of the employees of an abortion clinic.

Obviously this comic has sympathetic attitudes regarding pro-choice advocacy, but rather than ignore of villify the pro-life movement, the goal of this comic is to portray the varying opinions and complex elements surrounding the discussion of abortion legislation and encourage further discussion in a respectful and knowledgeable manner. Those in support of a woman's right to choose are not always right, and those that believe life begins at the moment of conception are not always wrong. Despite one of the possible procedures the Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic provides, patients will not always choose to have an abortion, but this does not mean terminations of pregnancy won't take place fairly regularly.

The emphasis of this comic isn't simply tied to one particularly controversial medical procedure. The idea of legal abortion actually impacts many other social, political, and cultural issues, ranging from health care, economics, religious beliefs, foreign relations, and many others; all of which have the potential to be explored with this comic.

Additionally, most abortion clinics provide beneficial services beyond pregnancy termination, such as preventitive birth control and sexual education. My personal belief is that the amount of sexual education most people in the U.S. receive is frequently inadequate, irresponsible, and in terms of pushing teenagers towards abstinence, unrealistic.

Many subplots will explore the idea of sexual education and experimentation as I feel that many people, unable to find comprehesive information about sexual interaction from educational sources, turn to other sources varying from unsafe experimentation to peer and media influence.

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