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Updated: 2019-11-22

For every story about a hero, there is a "bad guy". Only, this story isn't about the hero. It's about the smart-alec, tough-as-nails villain. About her fights, her triumphs, her losses, her lackeys...
And maybe her love life. If she can ever get the guts to ask the girl of her dreams out.
(contains mostly yuri/GL and a bit of background het...Beware of foul language. It's mostly rated "mature" for violence and cursing. Sort of like an extremely f-d up reverse version of a magical girl story.)
Read L->R, western style.

**Updates Friday and Wednesday, currently.**

Sidenote... This comic is not for horny guys hoping to see "HOTT LESBO ACTION ZOMG!!!11ONE"
Yes, the main character happens to be a lesbian. But this story is about the plot, not "porn".

Content rating:
Some Adult Material (R)
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