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Updated: 2014-02-03

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At the end of days, a bastion of civilization emerges to stand against the world's decay known as the grand city of Romae. Underneath the grandeur of Romae rests the heart of its people, shackled to slum districts lit by candles and drowning in the shadow of the aristocracy. One such man carrying the torch for humanity, Desmonde, a wayward vigilante against the demonic threat lurking at the city's borders, stands to fight where none would dare to. And yet for all his grand plans, he unwittingly rescues the youngest son of the Prime Minister and is made his bodyguard at the front lines of the city's defense! Forced to become a tool of the aristocracy, Desmonde has choices to make and the decisions will shape the world he knows in the hopes of a better tomorrow. But therein he may lose himself in the conflict of others and find that tomorrow was better off never coming at all.

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