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Updated: 2016-10-20

What am I in for?
• What if Q from TNG filled a village with people solely to torment them on a regular basis. There will also be an element or two of Pinky and the Brain/general good old fashion toon goodness. Most importantly, likely only to me though, is this will be a chance for me to draw things I have always wanted to, but have never taken the time.

Is this a gag a day(week) gig, or an on going story?
• Yes.

Day? Week?
• To start, this will be updated once a week. At the moment, I am thinking Wednesdays.

So this is not a journal or social commentary comic?
• Mostly, no, but if I can I will be addressing current events both in the media and in my life. I just have to work out how it will fit within the narrative.

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