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Updated: 2021-12-16

This web comic is based mostly in an alternate and empowered Midwest. With it, I am trying to take a different approach on capes and cowls and those lives that get swept up along with them. In a world where there are slug matches in the sky and giant robots have been happening for 50 years, things play out differently but with similar tones to our own universe.

The main story follows a pair of young men, Eric and Theo, as they learn the ins and outs of the super powered community. Getting a firsthand experience at ‘The Schoolyard’ for at-risk young super beings, eventually giving light to why they’ve really ended up there.

Besides the flash and powers on can expect from the genre, I wanted to craft a story with lore and breathe a deep history beneath the idea of tights and flight. With some luck and hard work, over time I’m hoping to demonstrate that and make something worth remembering.