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Updated: 2015-02-17

This world is made up of three types of creatures: The mortal, the magical and the supernatural. Mortals are beings like us: of simple blood and a short life. We are a bright flame, burning out quickly and either illuminating or destroying with our fire. The magical realm lives along side us, full of elves and dwarves that we can often see if we open our eyes a little wider.
But as our eyes can see the magical realm, only those of the magical realm can see the supernatural.
The supernatural realm is home to ghosts, angels and the elements of nature. At the top of Mother Nature’s creations are the Grims, a police force who seeks to keep order amongst the realms through means of Death, Unconsciousness, Itchiness and more.
Of the Grims the second oldest, Unconscious, is unique amongst them in passions. While many of the Grims no longer seek anything but the fulfillment of their job, Unconscious seeks more. Unconscious dreams of ultimate power; but are his goals purely driven by greed, or are his reasons more complicated?
And lots of bad puns.