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Updated: 2017-01-10

In a city split between humans and occult, Colin Aston just wants to run his diner and make bad coffee. A peaceful life isn't on the menu though, as a mysterious blonde shows up with a job only Colin is capable of performing. If he takes it, Colin will have to face sorcerers, politicians, and little old ladies... not to mention a secret that destroyed nearly half the city and hits a little too close to home.

"Two Keys" is a noir-ish urban fantasy webcomic by Nuu and Schumie, and it has been running since June 12, 2009. It updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Two Keys is being put out by Manga Magazine where it's released on a monthly basis, and at least 3 chapters ahead of this site.

Content rating:
Some Adult Material (R)
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