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Updated: 2015-05-18

May is a lonely awkward girl trying to make her way through her pre-teen and teenage years. After finding an abandoned baby chick, she is introduced to the exciting art of cooking. Tomato Chicken! is a unique online comic that features several stories as well as clearly illustrated directions on how to make a variety of recipes.

Tomato Chicken came from the idea that drawing comics for recipes would be fun, and that drawing a short establishing comic for the characters making recipes is equally fun. Normally I don’t draw such cute comics, but this one felt right, and the story came very naturally.

The initial creation of the establishing comic was made during a 24 comic day I did with a few fellow comickers. As such, some of the panelling is quite loose. Most of the inking, however, was done afterwards, making Tomato Chicken! not a standard 24 hour comic. In fact, I’m pretty sure I broke all the rules by continuing to work on it after.

After the establishing story is over, I will be publishing a new vegetarian (and hopefully tomato based) recipe once a week. I hope that these comics will encourage others to get in the kitchen, make some good food and enjoy it with others.

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