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Updated: 2024-05-25

The Mansion of E is a strange and complex structure, or rather a collection of structures, perched high on a cliff overlooking a Specific Ocean. On the other three sides besides the cliffs, it is surrounded by a ruin-strewn forest, which is dominated by a very tall structure known as the Spike. Underneath the Mansion (more or less) there is a system of tunnels and caverns that goes down... well, a heck of a long ways, clear to The Hot Zone. There is also a small village nearby, but at the moment that is little more than a background detail. This strip is my attempt to detail the intertwined lives and struggles of the area's numerous inhabitants, only a handful of which are Human. It's not easy; things can get very complicated and chaotic. And wander aimlessly off onto extremely long tangents, with weird machinery crumbling in the background.

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