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Updated: 2020-04-10

NOTICE: This story is a highly unofficial sequel to the Phoenix Wright - Turnabout Storm novelization, an unofficial and greatly expanded adaptation of the original youtube series.



Twilight Sparkle and Phoenix Wright. A human and a pony. A lawyer and a unicorn. The unlikeliest of couples, their bond was forged and tested in the trials of Turnabout Storm. The storm passed, but their feelings for each other did not, even after Phoenix went home. How far will Twilight go to see him again? Is what they feel real, or merely a magical artifact? Is it even possible for man and mare to be mates? Can they be together, or are the differences and distances between them simply too great...?


DISCLAIMER: This story makes no claim of endorsement by or affiliation with the original Turnabout Storm production, or being in any way official. It's a sequel to the unofficial novelization, not the original videos themselves.

CONTAINS: Humanized, human/pony, M/F, F/F

Introductory blog: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/475549/the-great-ship-sets-sail

Content rating:
Adults Only (NC-17)
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