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Updated: 2021-10-21

The Fairy Tale Dead takes place in a fantasy world where classic fairy tales shape history and society. In this world, ghosts inhabit a dimension called the Void, and grant magical powers to people they possess.

Ivy, a witch princess from the kingdom of Nivall, is on a quest to save her parents from a curse that trapped them in the Void. When she tries to enter the Void herself, she accidentally becomes possessed by the ghost of Snow White. What follows is a journey between two princesses – one of the past and one of the present – as they try to prevent the evils of Snow White’s time from lingering into the future.

This comic is a fantasy-adventure story about fairy tale characters that return from the dead, and the living people they protect and befriend. Cast includes: an elusive Sea Witch, a thief who climbs beanstalks, a stranger who controls a magic mirror, and many others.

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