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Updated: 2019-07-27

The Daemos Chronicles is an ongoing series of stories that fit in the metaphysical fantasy genre; for this series specifically, they are fantasy adventures that predominantly take place in the spirit world and the after-life.

The first comic book is about a world where life flourishes with myth, and humans are small in numbers. Throughout the land, regions are ruled by beasts and creatures of different bloodlines. Each region is made up of villages, populated by the people of its respective legion. These people look like humans, but can turn into the mythological creature of their respective bloodline. They are known as Shifters.

Humans in this Universe are seen as sacred beings; they have the ability to absorb power from special gems and speak the language of the Daemos, the gods of this Universe. Their village is small, hidden within the mountains. Governed by monks, the society is upheld with a system of Council members that works as a conduit between the people and the monks.

Over time, the humans sent missionaries to the outside world, to help shape it and enlighten its inhabitants. Some villages welcomed the humans and accepted their way of life; together they built stronger societies. Other villages turned the humans away, thinking that their way of life was foolish. This caused tension and eventually led to a war that turned the human race into an endangered species living among the Shifters.

Centuries later, a young boy named Lucius follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a monk. One day, he is asked to take part in a ritual that will help him cross over into the spirit world. What waits for him is unknown. As Lucius attempts to enter the realm of the Daemos, he is met with a being that shows him the beginning of his journey. That adventure, this story, is known as Advent Light.

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