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Updated: 2023-12-15

The Big Crunch is a weekly, dark-humored sci-fi comic about the citizens of Thanova, a sprawling alien metropolis on the south pole of the planet Obescuron. Heated by geothermal forces, and lit by myriad stars, Obescuron is kept in precarious orbit around the supermassive black hole—known to locals as the Void—at the center of our galaxy.

Home to 38 million people from 7,000 different species, Thanova is a cauldron of interstellar culture shock, its society divided not only by its biology and customs but also by a pervasive caste system codified by the Thanovan government. The psychological tension in the city is exacerbated by the omnipresence of the Void, which drives some citizens mad if they stare too long into its inescapable depths. For this reason, there is a teeming underclass of wandering Doomsayers, their ramblings a reminder that, one way or another, all worlds must one day end.

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Some Adult Material (R)
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