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Updated: 2024-03-13

In a distant corner of the universe, there exists a fantasy realm, a sanctuary to mythical creatures and numerous races. Shrouded in mistery, there is an empire flourising in this world. Its presence barely whispered among the ancient scrolls. This empire harbors the rare ability to traverse parallel realms, an ability not seen in aeons.

Wizards and keepers of arcane knowledge have suspicions that this empire is under the dominion of elves, whose intentions are shrouded in darkness. With motives as obscure as the starless night, they are believed to launch invasions across realms with overwhelming force, driven by a relentless hunger to consume all resources and to enslave the inhabitants of other worlds.

The fate of not just one, but several realms is at stake. It all comes down to the actions of a few who are brave enough to resist the threat.

Currently two comics telling the story of this world, The Legend and The Secret.

In “The Legend,” we delve into the lives of three adventurers, each striving to navigate the trials of a world that offers no mercy.
Morten, our human warrior, wanders with forgotten memories.
Brem Ghdin, once a master of siege engines, now seeks solace in the quiet halls of faith, a dwarf priest searching for peace in a realm of turmoil.
And then there’s Nandiel, the elf wizard, whose secrets are as deep as terrible his personality is.
Their tale begins in a town so secluded, it seems forsaken by the gods themselves, within the welcoming Skinned Mole tavern. It is here, amid whispers, ale and violent window breaking that destiny entwines their paths.
This story is spiced with some RPG elements and the characters are well aware of it.

“The Secret” unfolds the tale of two adventurers bound by fate to save their realm from the brink of disaster.
Ghilrond, an elf and guardian of the realm, chose self-imposed exile, retreating to the world’s edge to dwell in solitude, accompanied only by his thoughts and his mentor. This solitude is shattered by a cataclysmic event, compelling him to leave behind his isolation and embark on a journey to the capital.
Crossing paths with Ghilrond in the first human village where he took rest is Lyrineth, a human thief whose life is a series of unlucky and not-so-fortunate events. Their meeting, marked by a string of unlucky coincidences, forges an unexpected partnership. Resolving to stay by his side, Lyrineth joins Ghilrond on his quest, marking the beginning of their shared journey.