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Updated: 2017-01-09

Do you like cats? What about tacos? Action? Sexy kittens (if you're into that furry stuff)? If you answered yes to all, then this is the comic for you! Just click and indulge in Taco-Cattiness. Meet Taco Fluffy AKA Super-taco. A "cool" cat that gets the boot from The Super Duper Club ( like the Justice League)! He thinks to himself, "I guess I suck but, hey, I make tacos. Gonna feed the hungry instead 'cuz there ain't no hero done that before" as his best bud's cousin, Furr-ball AKA Kat-cat tries to become his sidekick! She also wants to bang him. Join Taco in his journey not to only fighting hunger...but himself. O_O (Ooh, that's deep.) ...and did I mention the cray cray character named Lord Fetus who wants to eat everything?! Oh, jeez louise! You gotta read this story!!

This is NOT a "feed the hungry awareness" comic, just to let you know, though it does suck people are starving out there. Sorry.

This series is 1 out of 9 alternate lives of Taco El Gato. Obviously in this one he becomes a super-hero. That might explain why his name is Super-Taco and it's so random. Still confused? Go to the website.

Content rating:
Some Adult Material (R)