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Updated: 2024-04-15

Spacetrawler is a science-fiction comedic long-form webcomic. (Funny and has rivets)

The first three books (a little under 400 pages) are about the crew of Nogg, Krep, and Gurf, representing Interplant Amity, a group that fights for the liberty of all sentient species. Eebs and easily manipulated telekinetic beings being used as slaves across the galaxy. Since Eebs are too useful, the Galactic Organizational Body (G.O.B.) refuses to outlaw their forced use. Nogg, Krep and Gurf recruit six humans, one from each continent, to claim the Human Seat at the G.O.B. to initiate a vote for Eeb liberation. it all goes downhill from there.

Book four is a standalone detective story featuring Emily Taylor at the G.O.B.

Books five through seven introduce a new cast of humans, again one from each continent, to help Nogg krep, and gurf stop a local war in the Dauthaar Star System. They do stop it in book five…. in a way. And then book six follows the aftermath of their storylines, featuring a new main alien cast of Pilot and Jibbz.