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Updated: 2013-09-30

SnowBuni is a cartoon character of a short, voluptuous blonde girl with rabbit ears and tail (of the species Sylvalagi), drawn in an anime style known as kemono.

Described as a “sexi space bunnygirl,” SnowBuni often appears as a secret agent or agent provocateur in a science fiction setting, including robots, spaceships, hidden colonies in the Earth/Sol solar system, and secret high-tech enclaves hidden within the human population on Earth itself. She works for a quasi-military Sylvalagi institution known as Blue Spring, but she spends much of her time undercover in the human population. Her favourite hobbies include winter sports, and an appetite for ice cream, hence her name.

Her usual enemies include her sister HoniBuni (a raven-haired bunnygirl, also described as her half-sister), and an eclectic mix of ghouls, zombies, aliens, mad scientists, robots, disembodied spirits, and lecherous politicians.

SnowBuni was created and has been published continuously for over 25 years now by cartoonist Jeffrey H Wood under his Pseudo Comics imprint, and including appearances in independent comics by Radio Comics, MU Press, and Antarctic Press.

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Some Adult Material (R)
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