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Updated: 2019-02-05

Shelved is a webcomic about magic, mischief, and homework. Follow Rae and her band of friends as they unravel the mysteries of their small town in rural Georgia.

“Books can hold more than words.” Whispered the wind. Should one listen to the shadows of the night? She was beginning to ask herself that more and more.

Rae learns all too well how true those words are when a cursed book finds its way into her hands. Before she knows it, a creature she finds within those pages weaves a spell. In moments, their destinies are fused. The act creating a bond between the two that can only be broken by the unraveling of secrets and the discovery of the truth behind the events that forged the book so many decades ago.

Unfortunately, Rae isn’t the first person to be paired to the task. Will she be the one to finally sever these chains? Or will she find the shackles a comfortable fit?

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Parental Guidance Suggested (PG)