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Updated: 2024-03-03

"Sabrina Online" is a comic strip created, written, and drawn by Eric W. Schwartz. New strips will appear at the rate of between two and five every month. You probably realize now that this is not quite as fast or structured an affair as other web-based comics, but I am not doing this for the money, as my finances seem to show, and my main purpose is to pop out some of the stories I have held onto for too long, as well as to just have fun. If I got too regimented about this comic, I would no longer have any fun with it, and that would pass on to the comic itself. Put simply, If I did it faster, I'd do it slower.
Sabrina Online appears in a few user group newsletters, most notably the Amitech-Dayton Amiga Gazette, serving the AmiTech-Dayton user group and published by E.S. Productions. Sabrina Online appeared regularly in the keen British magazine Amiga Format until it ceased publication in 2000, and would later make appearances in magazines such as 'New Amigans' and 'Amiga Future'.

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