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Updated: 2018-09-04

PostScript Comic is about the aftermath of fairytales as imagined by Graham and Neal Moogk-Soulis.

Graham and Neal read a lot. They own lots of books. And by lots, that means that they are in danger of running out of spaces to put all those books. And their brains are almost full. It’s only natural then, that all of the characters and plot lines from two lifetimes of reading would mash together to bring you the world of PostScript

Graham and Neal each hold Bachelor and Masters degrees in History from the University of Waterloo. That meant that they read lots of books in school and encountered many different stories. PostScript is a product of their love for fairytales, folklore, mythology, literature, and history. It is also an outlet for the playful manifestations of their twisted little minds. They create PostScript because they love to draw, because they love to write and most of all because they love the material.