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Updated: 2021-11-08

Pokeweed! A small town with big fun. It’s the anywhere and everywhere town on the map, but just south of nowhere. Living in Pokeweed anything can happen, but always with loads of fun. A simple life poke’n at ya from Drew Pocza.© 2010.

Phil, the optimistic, all around great kid with a somewhat large head. He tends to think the best of people, usually to be proven wrong.
Buster. No magic hat keeps him alive, only spite. A crotchety cuss of a snowman, full of angst and vinegar, but just enough heart to make him a good pal.
Clint, the flamboyantly straight dog! Full of worldly wisdom and experiences that would make most people blush. Clint also displays his ascots with dignity and pride.
Chuck, an emotionally challenged “ex-monster”, giving up ways of destruction, seeking guidance from his therapist in hopes to cultivate a “normal” life.

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