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Updated: 2021-10-30

Hello all! I am TiredOrangeCat, writer and artist of the online graphic novel Plush and Blood. The setting takes place in a world populated by stuffed animals once ruled by a Utopian society under an invisible boot of totalitarianism; All the while being manipulated through the augmentation of their stuffing. If that isn't enough of a hook for you the story winds it's way through a dark philosophical tale of our perception of freedom under the guise of intentions that sit on the border of good and evil.

Currently there are two main stories:

The Unstuffed: The first tale in the Plush and Blood universe was completed in 2010 coming in at a little over 450 pages of action packed, morally questionable, jaw dropping story. You can follow this link to start The Unstuffed:

Memory's Threads: The second and currently running tale in the Plush and Blood Universe follows Katt ten years after the events of The Unstuffed as she searches for answers to her past. It is a dark journey of self discovery and coming to terms of what makes you, you. You can follow this link to start Memory's Threads:

For the latest page you can use the following link:


I now have a Patreon page. Patreon is unique amongst its peers of crowd funding in that it serves as a pseudo subscription service. By supplying me with a dollar or two a week I can continue to devote the larger chunks of my time to Plush and Blood. All it takes is a dollar or two to make a difference. Seriously folks, a dollar makes all the differance to me. If you feel that is too little by all means throw more at me. I am just saying every bit helps no matter the amount.



On the commissions note, if anyone would like to commission me for whatever you so desire (artwise) give me a yell. You can send me a Message, IM me, or email me. All Commissions are delivered as digital hi-rez files of the format of your choice. Jpgs, png, gif, psd, pdf, tiff, etc, etc, etc, whatever suits your fancy. Price varies with number of characters, detail, environment, and whether or not color is involved. Black and white commissions range anywhere from 10-30$, and color 30-50$ for a basic commission (1-2 characters on a simple background, prices vary). Haggling and finagling accepted. I generally have a one week turn around time unless work falls into crunch time. I will keep in contact with said client until the work is completed. There are a few things I will not draw, vore, loli/pedo, scat, snuff, unbirth, and anything that has to do with vomit. Mostly stuff that I find pointless. Everything else is free game. All business done through Paypal, if you don't have Paypal stop using a computer, get off the internet and sit under a rock. With that said, enjoy.


Social Links!! Here is the collected Social media sites that I update/maintain frequently. If you visit any others on a regular basis let me know and I will add them to the list. These can all be found on the front page of my site as well. www.plushandblood.com

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/PlushAndBlood
Twitter - http://twitter.com/plushandblood
Deviant Art - http://tiredorangecat.deviantart.com/
Fur Affinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tiredorangecat/
Top Web Comic - http://topwebcomics.com/vote/5863/default.aspx
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/TiredOr.....t?feature=mhw5
RSS - http://www.plushandblood.com/pbrss.xml
Belfry Web Comics - http://belfrycomics.net/ent/9415
Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/tiredorangecat

Plush and Blood Forum - http://plushandblood.com/murof/