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Picklehead Jim is missing!!!! The Fiendish Dr. Esperanto's creation has escaped! The Dr. must find Jim at all costs! With the help of his faithful minion, Fritz the humpbacked armadillo, and his lab assistant, Tara Diddle, Dr. Esperanto searches the globe for proof of his genius. Meanwhile, Picklehead Jim is lost somewhere in the middle of New York's Central Park with his new pal, a deranged feline felon known as, Catscratch Fever. On the run and off the wagon, Jim and Catscratch find themselves drunk and in danger. Can Dr. Esperanto find Jim and prove his genius to the rest of the mad scientist community? Will Jim find a cold beer before it's too late? Will Catscratch Fever ever stop licking himself in public? All these questions and more will be answered if you'd just read our damn comic already!

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Some Adult Material (R)
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