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Updated: 2014-12-14

Pandeia is set in Earth’s distant future. It is a world without our familiar moon. Instead, a thin band of debris – known as the Menai – encircle the globe. The story takes place in and around the Cadian desert (present day Anatolia). It is a harsh & barren place, but its unique geology and peculiar micro-tectonics has generated an underground network of geothermal vents around its borders. Three city-states – Al-Kamar, Tsuki-Yama, & Theia – vie for the rich, geothermal energy which can be tapped and siphoned there.

The Earth is in slow decline. The days get incrementally longer, its tilt is now almost 30 degrees to the ecliptic & the occasional Menoid (a piece of the ring) will enter a spiral orbit with devastating consequences. Many of the powers-that-be ignore these signs: the balance of their accounts concern them more than that of the planet. So when a Theian cleric discovers information deep in the pre-selenic archives which could potentially restore Earth’s balance, & that the answers lie deep in the Trader-held Cadian desert, will he have what it takes to solve this mystery when deadly forces & the dogma of the reigning powers stand in his way?

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