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Updated: 2015-12-19

Not unlike a wildlife documentary you would see on Animal Planet…..This is a “family” strip about “A man living in a woman’s world”.

Meet Mark- husband, father, and second class citizen in his family of five women. He has secretly found the answer for happiness in his life which he doesn’t share with Melody: don’t say anything unless its funny or you really, really have to. The “unless it’s funny” part still gets him into trouble though. He escapes- works at a regular office doing regular, boring work but enjoys it for its lack of people crying and screaming all the time. Ask any of his kids what he does and they have no idea. He loves his family more than life itself but would never wish them on another human being no matter how vile.

All five of the women have their own (strong) personalities that change from day to day:

Melody (wife/mother)- works from home and is super organized. She’s a list making, coupon clipping, calendar keeping, perfectionist! All she cares about is how her girls are being brought up and that Mark isn’t messing them up too much.

Megan (Teenage daughter)- All attitude- and most of it is bad. She cares about her looks and how best to show them off, usually with as much skin as possible. She is artsy, but dark colors and dark images rule in her ‘art’. She enjoys the internet, late night TV, badly chosen boyfriends or anything else that will drive her parents crazy and make them wonder if she is joining a cult.

Ashley – (Pre-Teen daughter)- cheerleader, daddy’s little girl, angel, model-to-be, future millionaire’s wife; these are all things that Ashley thinks she is. She is a cheerleader though. She and her cell phone are BBFs and so is any other preteen girl that loves lip gloss and sparkly hair spray.

Casey and Calley (8 year old twin daughters)- When people first meet them, they can’t tell them apart. After two minutes, though, its obvious. These two are identical in most of their goals, but opposite in the ways they go about obtaining them. Casey is the quirky one, she has worn the same green, dog shaped hat since she was two. Its her security blanket and she talks to it sometimes. Callie acts like she is an angel around everyone but Casey. She loves wearing dresses and keeping up the act of nicest, cutest of the family.

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