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Updated: 2017-05-29

The world of Obsidius is not unlike ours. People wake up every day, getting ready to slip in a familiar routine as they head to work through rush hour traffic. People are born, grow old, and pass away every day in a myriad of ways, leaving behind a human population in constant flux ruled by hierarchies of rules, codes, and laws attempting to bring a chimerical semblance of order. Unbeknownst to many, dark forces are at work in this self-erected gilded cage where humans dwell, taking many shapes and forms, but despite their variety, all these forces seem to have one thing in common: They exist at the edge of our rational mind.

Many inhabitants of this world are not aware that most of the childhood stories and urban legends they have come in contact with contain a grain of truth, and nugget of veracity that has been considered too important to be forgotten, but too dangerous to be boldly stated. Every rumor, superstition, or paranormal event are often nothing more than a twisted recollection of something lurking in the shadow, something man was not meant to meet or face consciously.

Welcome to the world of Obsidius.

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