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Updated: 2019-10-26

Due to his hatred of humanity, Yoshiro Murakami becomes a recluse.

But how can you blame him when every single person, from friends and family to complete strangers, have hurt him both physically and emotionally?

Yoshiro expresses his desire for a perfect world through making his own comics online, but the desire to turn his dreams into a reality eventually consumes him.

In response to his frustration, a deity appears before him claiming that, like an author of a novel, he created this world to do his bidding and purposefully made human society rotten and imperfect to influence Yoshiro's desires for a utopia.

He offers to give Yoshiro the powers of a god so that he can bring his imaginations to life.

What lies in store for our new creator?

*Read the first four chapters on nexusyonder.com!
*Like a Japanese manga, his comic is read right to left

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