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Updated: 2018-10-26

You are Nast, a human enchanter. ...That is to say, you are a human that does enchantments. Purely by coincidence, you mostly excel at enchanting humans. You have a mystical aura, a charm, an allure, a charisma, a certain... je ne sais quoi. You always have, and it's what made you dive into the wacky world of enchantments in the first place--to take your intangible talent and further it.

Unfortunately, you're still very much an amateur, and were on a journey to learn more of your craft when you were mistaken for a certain pesky panty pilferer. You now find yourself in a jail cell in the town of Humblestart. You suspect it'll only be a day or so before the King's own men come to pick you up... and after that, it's surely the gallows.

...Probably best to look for a way out, rather than dwell on the numerous ways you could be executed. You know this jail has guards, but they seem to be understaffed--you haven't seen anyone in at least an hour, though you do sometimes hear heavy footsteps echoing through the dark.

What will you do?

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Adults Only (NC-17)
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