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Updated: 2015-03-19

Monster Markup Manual is a a webcomic born out of a love for both coding and comics.

If there is anything I like more than tweaking my own code, it is helping other comic artists with theirs – helping them to find the right css syntax to use to help make their site show off their webcomic to its best possible advantage. And I love geeking out about the code on other creator’s websites. Sometimes I end up sending them weird tweets about it.

When brainstorming ideas for 24 hour comic day back in 2013, I couldn’t let go of the idea that I wanted to do a comic about coding. Something that would hopefully make it more accessible, to help encourage other people to make creative, awesome looking websites to showcase the awesome stuff they can do. That 24 hour comic day resulted in Monster Markup Manual 1.0.

But I found that after I finally passed out from exhaustion, I didn’t want to just end with some html markup. I wanted to talk about css, javascript, accessibility best practices, version control (seriously guys, makes your life SOOOO much easier), software, making a site for mobile, how to make your own D&D ability modifier calculator (our first javascript project, guys), the ideas just kept going on and on.

Monster Markup Manual is my way of sharing my love for coding with others in a fun way – and I hope you’ll learn to love it too.

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